FMI-EPS Geofoam Blocks

FMI-EPS is your source for Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Geofoam blocks. Our staff has been working with engineers, designers and contractors on EPS Geofoam projects for over 25 years.
EPS Geofoam is a lightweight cellular plastic foam block used in geotechnical applications such as lightweight fill for construction on soft ground.

  • Road embankment stability can be enhanced with properly design EPS Geofoam Blocks.
  • Utilizing an interlocking stack of EPS Geofoam Blocks on a slide slope can greatly reduce horizontal movement and vertical loads.
  • Place EPS Geofoam Blocks directly behind retaining walls, bridge abutments or foundation walls for a considerable reduction of lateral stress on the structure.
  • By using FMI-EPS Geofoam Blocks you will save time and money by using less conventional materials to construct a new wall. 

    FMI-EPS Geofoam Block Advantages Include:
    • Cost Effective Solutions

    • The lightweight nature of EPS Geofoam Blocks can eliminate costly preloading, surcharging or staged construction. Given the lightweight of EPS Geofoam Blocks, the need for heavy earth moving and compact equipment can be reduced or even eliminated, compared to conventional fills. On projects where poor access or rough terrains are a cost issue, FMI-EPS Geofoam Blocks can be transported, moved and placed faster than conventional fills, saving the project time and money.

  • Dependable

    • FMI-EPS Geofoam Blocks are manufactured in our modern manufacturing facility, with state of the art equipment. This assures consistent physical properties in each individual EPS Geofoam Block that make up a typical EPS Geofoam fill system. Compared to other lightweight fill materials such as tires, wood chips and foamed concrete can be varied and inconsistent in the makeup of their fill. Using other products can result in a non-uniform load transfer, differential settlement, leachates and possible fire hazards. 

  • Durable

    • FMI-EPS Geofoam Blocks have an extremely high compressive strength making Geofoam Blocks durable and resistant to damage and shifting over time.

  • Environmentally Safe

    • FMI-EPS Geofoam Blocks contains no CFC's, HFC's, HCFC's, Dyes or Formaldehydes. Expanded Polystyrene is an inert and highly stable product that will not decay, decompose, or produce undesirable gases or leachates to the surrounding environment. FMI EPS Geofoam Blocks are recyclable and safe for waste-to-energy (WTE) systems and landfills.

  • Insect & Mold Resistant

    • FMI-EPS Geofoam Blocks can be manufactured with an inert non-polluting additive that repels termites and carpenter ants. Expanded Polystyrene Geofoam is inert, it does not sustain mold and/or mildew growth.

  • Low Density / High Strength

    • The density of FMI-EPS Geofoam ranges from 1 to 2.8f lb/ft3, which equates to 1/100th the weight of soil and rock, making it a superior, ultra lightweight fill system that significantly reduces the stress of underlying sub grades. The lighter load reduces the settlement and increases the stability against bearing and slope failures.

  • Low Interface Friction

    • In direct shear tests the interface friction between sand and FMI-EPS Geofoam is comparable to the internal friction of sand alone.

  • Predictable and a Proven Performer

    • For over 35 years engineers, designers and contractors have been using Expanded Polystyrene Geofoam Blocks worldwide. FMI-EPS Geofoam meets ASTM D6817 Standards. FMI-EPS Geofoam is currently approved for use by numerous State Departments of Transportation (DOT), and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). We can assist you in determining what grade of FMI-EPS Geofoam Blocks will meet your project requirements. FMI-EPS Geofoam Black stands up to all industry tests and it has exceeded the standards.

  • Maximize Onsite Installation Efficiency

    • FMI-EPS Geofoam Blocks arrive on the jobsite on your schedule, ready to be installed, NO weather delays. Other fill materials such as wood chips, saw dust, foamed concrete and soil can be weather sensitive during installation, putting your project behind schedule.

  • No Maintenance

    • Under normal conditions, a project that uses FMI-EPS Geofoam Blocks requires no maintenance for the life of the project fill system.

  • Thermal Insulation

    •  FMI-EPS Geofoam Blocks are 98-99% air by volume, making it a highly efficient thermal insulator.

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