FMI-EPS manufactures a diverse line of EPS insulation products that are engineered to give you, the architect, specifier, contractor or building owner, control of the projects application: from design assistance and timelines, to material and cost options.

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) insulation is a closed cell, lightweight and resilient rigid insulation used in construction insulation and industrial applications.

Advantages & versatility of using FMI-EPS insulation products include:

+         50 year proven history
+         State-of-the-art equipment to produce an energy efficient insulation, that meets or exceeds R-Value Code Requirements
+         Variety of densities, thickness and sizes
+         Unlimited fabrication possibilities
+         Dimensionally stable rigid insulation, no bowing or cupping, no shrinkage and/or loss of strength   
+         Mechanical and Thermal Properties have been thoroughly tested by independent 3rd party laboratories
+         No Thermal Drift of EPS insulation’s R-Value
+         20 year Thermal Performance Warranty
+         No Ozone Depleting CFC’s, HCFC’s, HFC blowing agents, dyes or formaldehyde
+         EPS is the ONLY rigid insulation manufactured with recycled content that qualifies for LEED points
+         EPS insulation can be manufactured with an inert additive that deters termites & carpenter ants
+         EPS insulation does NOT sustain mold or mildew growth
+         EPS is 100% recyclable

FMI-EPS’ should be your first choice in Residential, Commercial and Industrial Insulation Applications:

+   Roof Insulation

+   Interior Wall Insulation

+   Cold Storage Insulation

+   Exterior Wall Insulation

+   Foundation Insulation

+   Manufactured Housing

+   Exterior Siding Insulation

+   Under Slab & Radiant-Heated Insulation

+   Door Core Insulation

Energy Efficient

Permanent R-Value

Consistent Performance


Cost Effective




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